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Outdoor Indoor Use Waterproof Stairs Anti-slip Tape

Basic Information

Feature: Waterproof

Made from hard and durable carbonized silicon particles. The particles are embedded in high strength, cross linked, weather resistant plastic films, one of the hardest substances known to date. The tapes are pressure sensitive and strong adhesive, capable of rapid adhesion and excellent adhesion to many difficult surfaces.

1) Apparatus: skateboards, scooters, treadmills, exercise machines, lathes and presses, foot boards, passageways on buses, rungs;

2) The place: kindergartens, schools, swimming pools, nursing homes, subway station, train stations, docks, hotels, clubs, kitchen, bathroom, playground, fitness and entertainment room, elevator entrance, pedestrian ramp, freight yard, work area and deck etc..

3) It can also be used for the Kangle tour buses, trailers, trucks, ships, aircraft, large or small steps of power equipment.

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